Work Footwear

If you are on your feet all day then you need a supportive pair of shoes to help prevent foot and leg injuries so you can be pain-free and work efficiently. A supportive insole, wide toe box and adjustable fastenings ensure that your feet have sufficient room to swell throughout the day.

Shop for new shoes late in the day. During the course of the day, your feet swell a little. Therefore, buying shoes later in the day helps provide a better fit.

Casual Footwear

Do you find that walking around the shopping centres or doing daily tasks can make your feet sore by the end of the day? A supportive insole provides comfort to help you stay on your feet for longer.
Do not purchase shoes that feel like they need to be broken in a little (e.g. tight toes or rubbing heels). Shoes should always feel comfortable immediately.

Fitness Footwear

Are certain fitness activities out of the question for you? Some common complaints include foot instability causing ankle pain. Others complain of sore heels or arches. In any case, you want sufficient support and cushioning to help offload pressure on your feet.
When trying on shoes, wear the same type of socks that you plan to wear with the new shoes.

Your Footwear Assessment

At Manly Cove Podiatry, we want you to be fitted with the right footwear so you can live pain-free regardless of your routine. We have a range of Dr Comfort Footwear that we measure and fit to suit your foot and lifestyle needs.

When you come in for your appointment, bring your regular shoes so we can assess for stability, cushioning and distribution of load.

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