Corns & Calluses

Corns & Calluses

Almost everyone experiences this condition one way or another throughout their life.

Corns and calluses are a build-up of hardened skin and each is located at various parts of the feet. They will normally occur in areas where there is increased pressure.

The pain varies from slight tenderness to constant throbbing when pressure is applied. Corns and calluses are not normally harmful but for a diabetic, the result can lead to an infection if left untreated.

Using over-the-counter remedies such as medicated corn plasters are only a short-term fix. If you find a corn or callus, do not attempt to remove them yourself. A podiatrist will not only remove the problem but also provide advice to help prevent this issue from recurring in the future.

What Caused My Corn &/Or Callus?

In most cases, they are usually caused by pressure. However, the following may also be a contributing factor:

  • Footwear that is too tight, loose, narrow or high
  • Ill-fitting socks
  • Abnormal distribution of the foot
  • Fragile skin (usually seniors and diabetics)
  • Certain medical conditions such as neurological disorders

Signs & Symptoms

Do you have…

  • a raised, hardened bump?
  • thick and rough patch of skin?
  • skin either flaky and dry or flaky and waxy?
  • pain or tenderness under the skin?

Some people have described the pain as walking on pebbles or having a piece of glass stuck underneath their foot.

Your Treatment

Before any treatment is carried out, you will be given a full explanation using simple language so you can make an informed decision about your foot health.

We know how irritating and painful corns and calluses can be. We want to get you back to walking with confidence in as little time as possible.

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