Diabetic Feet

Diabetic Feet

Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to produce or does not produce enough insulin for the body. Diabetes has the potential to affect many systems of the body. Living with diabetes means that it is important to pay close attention to your feet and legs.

Why You Should Visit A Podiatrist Regularly

Podiatry should be treated as a necessity rather than a luxury, especially if you have diabetic feet. Having regular check-ups means that you are taking preventative measures to reduce severe complications that often lead to amputation.

Our caring podiatrists will assess the level of risk to determine the frequency of your visits. Recommended visits of high-risk patients are usually every 3-6 months whereas low-risk patients are at least once a year.

Diabetic Feet Matter To Us

We want you to maintain independence and live a mobile quality of life which is why we provide you with personalised strategies to achieve this. These are plans that consist of care, screening and assessments.

Your Treatment

Depending on your requirements, your treatment strategy may include a combination of the below:

  • General foot and nail care
  • Wound management and prevention
  • Assessing skin and nail infections
  • Removal of corns, calluses and warts
  • Treating foot and ankle swelling
  • Monitoring your skin’s temperature, colour and condition
  • An examination of your footwear and physical activity to understand factors contributing to leg or feet paint

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