Why Aged Foot Care Matters

Your feet reflect your health. Common foot and lower limb problems don’t simply just go away. Infections from improper care or neglect from long-term symptoms can lead to more serious illness.

There are 3 common physiological changes that happen with age and they are:


If you have difficulty reaching your feet or have difficulty with your eyesight then you are not alone. Trimming toenails can be a tricky task.

Since your nails become more brittle, thicker and harder, it becomes difficult to cut using a standard nail cutter you have at home. Ingrown toenails and fungal infections happen when the incorrect technique or improper care is applied.


Your skin loses elasticity making it thinner, dryer and more fragile because your body’s production of oil glands decrease with age. Having dry skin makes it easier for bacteria to enter which is why moisturising the legs and feet is so important.

All of these changes in your skin can make you more prone to pressure and friction which is why you are susceptible to painful corns and calluses.

Bones & Joints

The natural degradation of your bones and joints come with age. Joint changes and bone deformities such as bunions or arthritis make it hard to find shoes that fit. Such changes also increase your risk of falling.

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