Things to do: Visit Church Point Wharf in the Northern Beaches, Sydney

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If you are visiting Sydney central district, you might consider going 32 kilometers more and visit the Church Point in the Northern Beaches. Just nearby is Scotland Island, one of the most populated islands in the Sydney region. The Church Point has a fascinating historic cemetery, and visitors are free to wander through it. The beautiful Scotland island in Sydney just looks perfect. It gives you the holiday vibes, so this might be the perfect getaway for you for a weekend. 

How to Get to the Church Point Wharf? 

You will drive just for 50 minutes from Sydney up to Church Point. Finding parking can be tricky, but you’ll definitely find a spot you could pay for. But if you end up spending the night there, you could get some free parking until 6pm the next day. If you are not driving and need to take the public transport, then you’re going to spend longer than 1h30 minutes. And, you might change two buses to get there.

Planning a Trip to the Church Point Wharf in Northern Beaches, Sydney 

Planning a trip to the Church Point Wharf is perhaps a great thing to do, especially if you feel nearby. It’s lovely to navigate hiking paths around Scotland Island, and admire the houses there. It’s like a piece of paradise! You could totally live there. And, there are affordable house prices on the market. Who would have thought? Plan a trip to the tropical paradise on Scotland Island, you’ll be surprised how friendly and nice people are in these cities. 

Nearby Places to Eat 

If you’re wondering where you could eat in Church Point Wharf, then you should be glad to hear that there are many restaurants there. Japanese restaurants, cafes, Italian restaurants, Thai restaurants, bars, Seafood restaurants, etc. By searching before, you will have the chance to choose a great restaurant, just according to your tastes. 

Nearby Attractions 

The Island is very calming, peaceful, and lovely. Tourists couldn’t believe that it’s just 50 mins away from Sydney. It’s just the right place for a nice peaceful weekend – it’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday. Imagine if you live in Sydney – how close to this amazing place you’ll be, and what great weekends you could spend there. People there are so welcoming, as you could see how they really put their hearts and souls into everything. 

If you are looking to spend a weekend at the Church Point Wharf in Northern Beaches, Sydney, you might as well consider book a hotel and a flight/train. This might give you the opportunity to pay less or enjoy some nice discounts. 

Have you ever been to Church Point Wharf yet? And if not, this is the perfect time to plan a trip and research for things to do in northern beaches in Sydney. Be inspired, and find local tips and discover the most awesome things you could do in your authentic traveling in Sydney.